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What’s Design Mean to You? An Interview with Stowe Boyd

The video series is almost at an end, and it’s approrpriate that we’ve finally gotten to Stowe. The seed of these interviews was a post I wrote a while back, which came from hearing Stowe and Leisa Reichelt both talk about designing sites. Neither of them are designers in the traditional “graphic design” sense, so […]

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What’s “Design” Mean to You?

Leisa Reichelt calls herself a designer. Stowe Boyd calls himself a designer, too. Ryan Singer says he’s also a designer. Zeldman talks about design all the time. I don’t mean to suggest for even a second that Leisa, Stowe, Ryan and Jeffrey aren’t designers. They’re just four people who, although they all work in the […]

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Does Web Design Have a Future?

Mathew (with one “t”) Patterson wrote a thoughtful post called “A new mind for web designers?“. In it he poses and tries to answer these questions: How do web designers fit into this new world? When the html and CSS can be done for a miniscule price in the Philippines, India or China, what will […]

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