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Type on the Move

I remembered some lovely animated typography this evening, went to see it again, and through the wonder of web 2.0 magic, I’d suddenly discovered a whole YouTube subculture of folks who are animating dialogue from films. Here’s the most impressive stuff I found. Warning: none of it’s visually unsafe, but some of the audio is […]

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dConstruct Interviews

Videos don’t seem to be the kind of content that inspires too many comments, but judging by the links to my Reboot interviews, it seems like you’ve enjoyed them. Going on that–and considering how much I enjoyed meeting the folks I interviewed–I’m planning on continuing the series at dConstruct. I’ll only be there one day […]

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What’s Design Mean to You? An Interview with Kars Alfrink

Interview number ten is with Kars Alfrink. How’s that for a cool name? On his own site,, he describes his work so: “I design the dialogue between people and the products & services they use, with the help of a broad range of sketching and prototyping techniques.” Kars’ answer went in an interesting direction, […]

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