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What the Blog?

Consider a feeling every blogger knows: an idea appears; something important, meaningful and complicated enough that you can’t quite write it yet. So you think, instead of writing. And just as it gels in your head, you read what you wanted to write on another blog. That other blog belongs to Andy Budd: founder of […]

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Today was my last day of over 7 years as an art director at Sinnerschrader. As I’ve mentioned before, one of my main motivations was a unshakeable desire to return to Australia after over 10 years. I’ll be stepping off the plane in Sydney on October 3rd. But more than that, I’ve been motivated by […]

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Rebooting My Life

This afternoon I’m jumping on a train to perhaps the loveliest European city I know: Copenhagen. Tomorrow the tenth reboot conference, and a hell of a lot of exciting changes in my life start. After over seven years as an Art Director at Sinnerschrader, I quit my job. As of today it’s official, and as […]

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