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It’s All Good

There’s not much worse than reading a blogger’s self-flagellation about how long it’s been since he’s written anything, and his pathetic excuses as to why not. So I won’t be doing that here and now. But a few people have asked, so I’ll just say this… I made it to Sydney, and everything is absolutely […]

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Today was my last day of over 7 years as an art director at Sinnerschrader. As I’ve mentioned before, one of my main motivations was a unshakeable desire to return to Australia after over 10 years. I’ll be stepping off the plane in Sydney on October 3rd. But more than that, I’ve been motivated by […]

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Rebooting My Life

This afternoon I’m jumping on a train to perhaps the loveliest European city I know: Copenhagen. Tomorrow the tenth reboot conference, and a hell of a lot of exciting changes in my life start. After over seven years as an Art Director at Sinnerschrader, I quit my job. As of today it’s official, and as […]

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