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The Right Stylus

Last year I wrote a few bits (here and here) about trying find and build just the right stylus for my iPad. No luck. This March I was in Hong Kong and while waiting in a train station gadget shop for a friend buying some iSomething or another, I noticed a chunky, angular pen, with […]

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The iPad Charcoal Stylus

Yesterday I went from enthusiasm to disappointment in a few minutes when I hacked together an iPad stylus to use for scribbling sketchnotes. The damned thing just reacted too slow to be useful. Not long after publishing that post, I went back through the DIY video, trying to figure out what I’d done wrong. Towards […]

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iPad Sketchnotes Setup

Having not sketched a single note since Web Directions in October (and let’s not even go into how long it’s been since I wrote anything here… ahem), and after being interviewed on sketchnoting recently (super sekrit, more on that later), my fingers have started itching. I’m lucky enough to have an invite for TEDxSydney in […]

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