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Invasion of the Feed Readers

Update: based on this article Feedly has made some changes (and damned fast, 5.5 hours) to the first-time experience. Make sure to read the comments. So everyone has been talking about Feedly. It’s a Firefox plugin that gathers your feeds from Google Reader, does some magic, and tries to present all the articles you love […]

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Stowe Boyd Lays Down the Law

Stowe Boyd responded to a typical re-hash of the “connectedness = overload = falling productivity” argument against social media, but to be honest, the argument (yawn) wasn’t nearly as interesting as Stowe’s response. It’s a lovely visionary rant about a future most people can’t even imagine, from a guy who sounds like he’s been there. […]

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Linkbag of Constant Noise

Although Noam Cohen doesn’t seem to understand how Tumblr and Twitter differ, he’s written an interesting article for the New York Times about the social effects of being constantly, but lightly, in touch with hundreds. And he quotes all–round smart Aussie lady and Twitter friend Leisa Reichelt. For those of you who’ve learned to love […]

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