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Get Your Thoughts Together: How to Organise a Workshop

If you’d asked me how I felt last Wednesday morning, I might have answered “shoot me.” That’s how nervous I was about leading my workshop, “Scribble Your Way to Success!” at UX Australia last Wednesday afternoon. It was the first workshop I’ve ever given for complete strangers, and the first time I’d ever tried to […]

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UX Australia Sketchnotes

I’ve been watching Mike Rohde, the unchallenged King of Sketchnotes, for a while now, with a “why didn’t I think of that?” attitude and a healthy side order of “get your ass into gear and start doing that too!” This year’s UX Australia conference served as a perfect place to get started. Considering how smart […]

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Sketchbook Love

While working on my presentation for UX Australia, I decided it’s about time I had a new and snazzy font for my slides. Happily, I stumbled across Klim, a so far unknown to me foundry in New Zealand, and their lovely font Newzald, which may be just what I’m looking for. But lovelier still (to […]

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