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E-Paper My Ass

Way back in 1999 WIRED magazine wrote about e-paper. The basic gist was that digital displays which are light reflecting (like paper, and not light emitting, like a monitor) and flexible enough to roll will be a part of our everyday lives, well… the day after tomorrow! Electronic Paper will soon be in production at […]

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Get Game

For the last two weeks I’ve been locked up at home with a lung infection. Certainly not my idea of fun, but in an attempt to make the best out of feverish coughing, I spent some of my downtime playing World of Warcraft, and the rest of the time getting to know Second Life. The […]

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Where’s My Bag of Holding?

In the frolicksome days of my youth, I played too much Dungeons & Dragons. The one have-to-have-it item in the game was the Bag of Holding. What appeared to be a simple leather sack on the outside was capable of holding anything you could get into it, and as much of anything as you wanted. […]

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