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They Love it Live

Early last year I lost a few extremely creative and intelligent colleagues, which was sad. What wasn’t sad at all was why they left–to work on a project which inspired and excited them all to the point that they’ve rarely spoken about anything else since. And now, finally, after plenty of sweat and stress, they’ve […]

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Apple. Innovative?

Those of you who don’t live in the design world or aren’t Apple Believers might not have heard of Dieter Rams, the world-famous designer of the world-famous Apple Look… ah, urm, wait a sec. Dieter Rams is actually a kick-ass industrial designer mostly known for the products he designed for Braun from the 50’s onwards. […]

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The Medium is Still the Message

I’ve been designing websites professionally since 1995, and never has any site I’ve worked on been discussed as much as the new Sinnerschrader site, and, to be exact, it’s not even a site at all. Let’s get the full disclosure out of the way first: I’m an Art Director at Sinnerschrader, and other than the […]

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