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AR: Practical, Fluffy & Visionary

Since posting a round-up of current AR projects the other day, I’ve gotten quite a bit of feedback and engaged in a fair bit of discussion about the subject — apparently it’s a pretty hot topic. Specifically two interesting projects have come to my attention, and they couldn’t be more different. Practical Post So far […]

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The Future Will be Augmented

When my super smart friend Dan Willis asked me to be on his panel at South by Southwest next year, my brain started spinning, trying to imagine what technology will be doing to our lives in five years. Back in 1992, I helped set up a virtual reality lab at VCU where I was studying […]

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Does Web Design Have a Future?

Mathew (with one “t”) Patterson wrote a thoughtful post called “A new mind for web designers?“. In it he poses and tries to answer these questions: How do web designers fit into this new world? When the html and CSS can be done for a miniscule price in the Philippines, India or China, what will […]

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