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Big Deal

In May 2008, due to organiser confusion, I spoke with Leisa Reichelt at the first second next conference (flipping through my own blog reminded me that I missed next07). The conference was organised by Sinnerschrader, my employer at the time, and after meeting Leisa at reboot the year previous, I put in a good word […]

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Are You Publishing or Gardening?

From the time Sumerians first scratched pictographs into clay tablets, we’ve created content by making our thoughts physical, be it on stone, sheepskin or paper. That’s around 5000 years of sealing our ideas in atoms, which are pretty resistant to change. No surprise that so many people still think that way about their sites after […]

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Shopping List

In two days I’ll be flying to New York, to visit friends and family and take part in the Future of Web Design conference. If you’re an English speaker and avid reader living in Germany, one of the first things you think about after booking a flight to America is cheap books. And if you’re […]

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