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Friday Afternoon Fun

And now, for your entertainment ladies and gentlemen, “probably the most mathematically complex robot you could ever build” doing bizarre and apparently useless things with bits of coloured plastic. But as an example of manipulation it’s certainly convincing. [via Boing Boing]

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The Medium is Still the Message

I’ve been designing websites professionally since 1995, and never has any site I’ve worked on been discussed as much as the new Sinnerschrader site, and, to be exact, it’s not even a site at all. Let’s get the full disclosure out of the way first: I’m an Art Director at Sinnerschrader, and other than the […]

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Somebody’s Thinkin’

It’s often the details that count. In Amsterdam’s Schipohl Airport, the monitors showing departures and the signs showing the way to the gates both display not only the gate number, but also how long it takes to get to that gate from where you’re standing. Considering how large Schipohl is and that it takes over […]

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