What’s Design Mean to You? An Interview with Donna Spencer

Can I ask a favour? Can you please ignore the fact that South by Southwest (SxSW) and the IA Summit were about five months ago? You can? Thanks, how kind of you!

At SxSW and the IA Summit this year, I continued a little project I started around this time last year when I was at Reboot — I sat down with smart people who use the word “design” to describe at least some of what they do, and asked them what the word means to them.

In honour of the recent UX Australia conference (which was a grand pleasure) and its organisers, Donna Spencer and Steve Baty, I’ll be posting their videos first, and after that getting on to Dan Willis, Nick Finck, Michael Angeles and Leah Buley. So here’s Donna, in the extremely civilised atmosphere of the Peabody Hotel in Memphis!

Thanks for the interview Donna!

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