From the Inbox…

A few things that have flown across my field of consciousness in the past week or two…

  • Jakob Nielsen recommends the use of mega drop-down menus.
  • I’ve been watching quite a bit of TED lately. My top three TED talks of late are Don Norman on emotional design, Stefan Sagmeister on design & happiness, and Phillippe Starck on toothbrushes, super monkeys & God. In other words, design.
  • A shocking piece of amateur data visualisation: what does one trillion dollars look like?
  • And speaking of data visualisation, Wikirank puts a fun data pr0n face on Wikipedia.
  • Plenty of food for thought in the Cult of Done Manifesto, though as Merlin pointed out, surgeons should please ignore it.
  • I’m quite enjoying Wireframes Magazine. It’s nice to see how other scribble.
  • Microplaza is starting to be a standard part of my info-grazing habits. It helps sort through links sent by those you follow in Twitter. Let me know if you want an invite – I’ve got 5.