What’s Design Mean to You? An Interview with Cennydd Bowles

After seeing Cennydd’s presentation at Reboot 10, “Beauty in Web Design“, I knew I had to interview him as well. So in the ten minutes he waited on his taxi to the airport, we had a chat.

When I asked what design means to him, Cennydd said it was a “bloody hard” question, but judging by his definitive and certain answer, I reckon he was just playing coy.

Design is art within constraints. The primary one will be that it has to be functional, it has to do something. Design has to be for a purpose, it has to meet some kind of need, it has to achieve some kind of goal.

We then veered off into a discussion of canonical works of web design, and web design and beauty, which is maybe more interesting than my original question. I look forward to having another chat with Cennydd at the upcming dConstruct in September!

This is also my first test of viddler, which allows you to add a comment directly on the video itself. If you’ve got something to say, roll over the playback head on the timeline and then click the green + that appears.

I interviewed eleven smart people at Reboot10 in Copenhagen, Denmark, asking the same question: what’s design mean to you? There are currently eight videos in the series, and more coming soon. Next up is Stowe Boyd.