Me & /message

I failed to mention a pretty important event in my online life a couple weeks ago. Without us actually knowing each other at all, Stowe Boyd invited me to not only redesign his blog, /message (I did mention that), but he also invited me to write with him and a growing cadré of smart people over there. In case you missed it, I wrote my first post, “Why Aren’t You Talking to Me?” on the disconnect between my meatspace friends and my online social life. My second post, “Hello New Social App. Why Should I Use You?” just went online.

From now on I’ll be focussing more on design here, and shifting the whole social/web 2.0 stuff over to /message.

I must admit, the invite took me by surprise (floored me actually) and I’ve been very plesantly surprised by the response to my first post both on FriendFeed and in the comments. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Stowe for giving a relative stranger and unknown blogger a chance.