60 Second Flip

Sometimes everything just comes together. I fell deeply in love with my Flip videocamera about 10 seconds after taking it out of the box last Friday. A few days later I fell in love with Dean’s 60 second film. Dean turned me on to David’s series of 60 second films and I fell in love with them as well, but especially “60 Seconds in the Life of Commuters“, which came close to forcing me to decorate my MacBook with what I was chewing at the time. It’s spring. I guess love is in the air.

So, welcome to my first ever Flip video, and please be warned: Epileptics should probably have a look at David’s far more peaceful films, and everyone else might want to swallow a motion-sickness pill.

60 Seconds in the Life of a Flip Videocamera Poorly Mounted on my Bike’s Handlebars with a Rubberband, on the Way to Work