They Love it Live

Tempodome - I love it liveEarly last year I lost a few extremely creative and intelligent colleagues, which was sad. What wasn’t sad at all was why they left–to work on a project which inspired and excited them all to the point that they’ve rarely spoken about anything else since. And now, finally, after plenty of sweat and stress, they’ve given birth. Tempodome is live. My first impression after a few minutes kicking the tires is good. They’ve built it with a nice, simple design which creates a suitable mood, and at the heart of it is an exciting idea: live concerts online. The idea of doing something cool online with events and music seems to be in the air this year, judging by how many cool ideas I’ve heard about, but Tempodome is the first so far to get their ideas online. So a hearty congratulations goes out to the Tempodomites, and I’m looking forward to your first concert and your future!