Must. Blog. This.

A discussion (in German) the other day in the foyer of Sinnerschrader (translated into English for my readers).

Blogger 1: You wouldn’t believe what just happened! I’ve got to blog it right now!

Blogger 2: Nice thought, but I was there too, thank you very much. Do you know how hard it is to find subjects to write about? This definitely belongs in my blog!

Blogger 1: Forget it, this one’s mine!

Blogger 3: (in passing) normally I’d never blog about work, but you’re talking about some thing very general…

Blogger 4: And anyway, you guys have always got stuff to write about. My blog hasn’t had anything new in it for ages, so I deserve to write about this!

Blogger 5: (me) I don’t care about any of it. I blog in English, so no one in Germany reads me anyway.

Blogger 6: (aside) Screw it, I’ll just blog it secretly, whatever they do. I twittered it ages ago anyway.

Blogger 2: I’m getting the hell out of here, before even more bloggers hear about it!

Blogger 7: (says nothing, but shrugs and thinks) Nothing’s worse than Meta-Blogging.