Buy My Friends Dot Com

Now I know for certain that I’m just too old (or old-fashioned) for this social-networky friendy microbloggy stuff. Andrew Baron, Rocketboom founder, is selling his Twitter account, and his more than 1,600 followers on ebay (where else?). If we take this seriously, and assume that it’s actually not just a cheap publicity stunt, who the hell would offer him $1,125 (at the moment) for his followers? Isn’t it blatantly obvious that the people following him are doing so because he is Andrew Baron and that the vast majority would stop following him in seconds as soon as his Twitter account has been taken over by whoever wins in the end? They’re not exactly a captive audience, y’know?

Then again, his follower count has increased by over 200 folks just since yesterday, and he appears to be getting cold feet, so let’s just go with the cheap publicity stunt theory for now, shall we? [heads up via]