Naked Relaunch, Part II

As part of the Naked Relaunch, I’ve tweaked a few invisible things which had been irritating me for a while. While it’s unlikely that anyone would notice them at first, they’re likely to bite someone in the ass at some point.


If you’re subscribed to my RSS feed, please update your subscription to point at There is also a feed for all comments, and every article has a feed for its own comments.


Old links to specific articles are now well and truly broken. The old structure:

started to irritate me especially since I’ve stopped using categories. Links now look like:

I hope the new 404 page picks up all the lost folks. I vaguely remember hearing about WordPress plugins and/or php tricks which redirect misguided users who’ve followed a broken link. If you’re WordPress savvier than I am and know of an elegant way to deal with this, let me know.

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch…

Other than that, I’ve been quietly tweaking some details. The typography has gotten a little more readable, the short text way up at the top looks a little more like what it is, namely navigation, the comment form now has a nice simple little “are you a human?” check for spam-protection and I’m working on getting the tumblelog into the same simplified state as this blog. More relaunch news as it comes.