Link Bag of Advice

Andy Rutledge, designer and author of the beautifully minimal blog “Design View” manages to elegantly turn the typical list of agency bitcheries about their clients into a list of valuable advice for clients when dealing with agencies. His post “Don’t Walk; Run.” recommends that clients refuse to work with agencies that are willing to do work for spec (freebies), who are unwilling to spend time getting to know their clients and their business, and who keep their designers too far away from their clients. If all clients would take Andy’s words to heart, they’d not only get better work from their agencies, but we designers would also be having much more fun on the job.


  1. shaddam iv says:

    >…”who keep their designers too far away from their clients”… I have heard you speak otherwise, not long ago.

    How close do you want to allow the client to get to the designer? Or, how far from the client does the designer need to be to work efficiently?


  2. Mb. says:

    I’d say close enough to talk to, but not close enough to touch me. 😉

    But seriously, that’s a good question, but one that’s better answered with thought and in some detail. I’ll get to work on a post on the subject.