I’ve enjoyed a moderate amount of success as a web-designer, but something’s been burning in my conscience for many years now, and it’s finally time to come clean. I can’t claim the credit for anything I’ve ever designed. None of it.

When I was a young and fumbling student at VCU, so many years ago, I met a new friend. He can’t talk, so I don’t know his name, but I call him “Little Designer”. I take him with me to work every day, and when I’m pushing pixels, sitting in meetings or presenting to clients, he’s sitting under my hat (yes, that’s why I wear a hat every day all day), pulling my hair, dictating my every action, and making sure noone ever knows that I can’t design. Although being discovered as a big fake is probably the deepest fear of many designers, I can tell you it’s like a breath of fresh air to get this off of my chest…

Okay, okay, hopefully by now you know where this is going. I saw Ratatouille on the weekend. If I had to name the most creative company of the last 10 years, I’d say “Pixar” without hesitation. Ratatouille won’t change your life (but what will these days?) but it’s fast-paced, full of interesting characters, the story’s great, and best of all, it’s “I can’t breathe any more” funny. Go see it. If you regret seeing it afterwards, well, I’d be in fear for your soul.