The Web’s Soul?

Yeah sure, it’s been around for quite a while, it’s not news (keeping up with new web stuff is a full-time job, and I’ve already got one). So when my boss raved at me today about how cool Google Trends is, I vaguely remembered having seen it at some point, and went back to refresh my impression. Everyone knows Google, and Google Trends is an analysis of the more than 100 million searches which flow through per day, highlighting the frequency of popular searches over time. Well, my boss was right, it’s informative — especially the connection between the popularity graph and news items of the past — but mostly it’s just fun.

Who are the googling masses obsessing over more, Bill Gates or Steve Jobs? Bill of course, but he’s sinking, and they both get heavily thrashed by Britney. Then again, the zune barely got off the ground, but we already knew that. Still think podcasting is hot? Does anyone really care about the climate crisis? How are a few possible republican candidates shaping up? Who’s got the force? What’s your favourite colour?

But maybe the best thing about Google Trends is it’s the only way you can put all the hype back into perspective with just one word.