Damn it’s been a long time. Where have I been? Well, first I was in Clientland, which meant I was not only distracted from anything not related to the project but also basically happy if I managed to get more than 35 hours of sleep a week. As soon as the site went online on August 1st, I then disappeared into a far too short week and a half of holidays, which ended yesterday. The most interesting thing I did was lock myself in a flat at the beach and paint. Not the walls, either.

ZippoI studied painting many years ago but strangely haven’t painted anything in over 13 years, due to a mix of being too busy and not having the space (the excuses) but also not having any ideas, being disappointed with everything I started painting, and a general fear that I’m not really capable anymore anyway (the cold hard truth). And the more you feel stupid about not doing something, the more you keep not doing it.

ShellThese two little pictures (30 x 30 cm) aren’t by any means masterpieces, and it was a real fight with myself getting them to a point where I was happy with them, but they were worth the trouble if only because they reminded me of three important things: it’s enriching to do something creative for yourself for a change, without anyone placing an order for it; I fall in love with work like this while working on it which seems to be good for me; I can still paint, and not too bad either.