Question: What Sucks?

Reboot was inspiring and gave me plenty of new blogs to learn from. This led pretty quickly to my suppressed dissatisfaction with my own blog rising to the surface. As is generally the rule for all agencies and designers, you never put as much love into your own site as you do those of your clients. There are of course exceptions.

I’d like to take advantage of the small readership I’ve got and get some feedback on the state of my blog today. Please take a minute and throw a few answers in the comments.

  • What do you like/not like about the design?
  • Has anything in the navigation/organisation of this blog every annoyed or confused you?
  • Is anything useful/necessary missing?
  • If this was your blog and you could change anyhting you wanted, what would it be?
  • What’s the best designed blog you know of?

Anyone who leaves some useful answers gets a beer the next time you’re in Hamburg, or anytime you want if you already are.


  1. Stephan says:

    The brown Packpapier should have Packpapier-like edges. Either there should be a monochrome area with pixel-straight edges or wrinkled paper with paper-like edges.

    I don’t know why blogs are all written in narrow columns. Our monitors are getting wider and wider and the websites are getting narrower and narrower. So I’d like a wider posting-column.

    Why Times on the right and Arial on the left?

    Navigation is fine.

    If this was my blog I would not know what to write about.

    I don’t read much blogs so I don’t remember any design I liked enough to remember.