Where is the Love?

Since when does Microsoft get it? Sure, the ways in which the internet changes the relationship between advertisers and consumers isn’t exactly breaking news, but Microsoft’s new ad is the best and most humourous summary of the changes that I’ve seen so far.

Of course the authenticity of the blog to the movie is so questionable it’s not even worth thinking about, but the clip is spot on and funny either way.
[via Fischmarkt]


  1. since when? I’d say – 3 years now. Scoble is a hero. If you meet techies at conferences, it may happen that the coolest guys are from M$. Look at their new sharepoint server functions, they are way ahead of other portal solutions, wikis and blogs all included. They must have been working for some time on this…

  2. Mb. says:

    Yeah, sure, I agree totally. Many of the guys I met in Redmond while we were working on OTTO totally got it. What I meant was, since when has Microsoft managed, in their official external communication (i.e. not employee blogs) managed to project anything but a completely technology infatuated, boring corporate geek image? But they are–not only individually but also as a mammoth machine–getting it more and more. Channel 9 for example would’ve been unimaginable at M$ 3 years ago.