Nice Neighbours

At lunch today, my colleague and one of my best friends, André Schuster, told me a story. We’ve both been talking a lot about Second Life, and while he was sick this week, he dove in. I’ve been avoiding it due to its obvious time-sink properties, and André’s been trying to get me hot and bothered enough to dive in with him.

He was house shopping in Second Life. One click on an interesting house and the real estate agent appeared before him and started regaling him with the advantages of the place. André seemed a little uncertain, the guy snapped his fingers, and the house was gone, easy as that. Having failed to sell the house, he started on the area: “Look at that view over the bay! And it’s a great sim, nice neighbours, lag-free…”

The social dynamics of the future. It’s irrelevant how loud your neighbours are — you can turn sound off — and it doesn’t matter if their house stinks — you can’t smell it anyway. What’s important to the discerning house buyer of tomorrow is how laggy his neighbours (not to mention the neighbourhood itself) are. Damn, I really need to get in there and take a look.