The Teleportation Shelf I

It’s an unavoidable phenomenon in the world of blogging. First, for some reason (in my case a month in Australia) you don’t blog for a while. Then, when you’re perfectly ready and capable of blogging again, you try and think up something that will please your handful of hopeful readers enough that they’ll think it was worth the wait. The more you think about how good it has to be, the less ideas you have, and the less ideas you have, the longer you wait to write, and the longer you wait, the greater is your imagined need to scribe a masterpiece to satisfy the fickle fans which you, in your arrogance, imagine are already cursing your name from Kathmandu to Kualalumpur. Eventually, the only thing to do is write something, no matter how banal, just to get back into some semblance of flow. So why not start with something truly banal like links? Let’s get the being disappointed phase over and done with, and get on with the flow, shall we?

It’s time to confess: when it comes to surfing, I’m all over the shop like a hairy goat, as my old boss in Australia used to say. I find an interesting link on someone’s blog. Click. I land somewhere sort of interesting, but hey! They’ve got links too! Click. Oooooh, look at that, oh, and he’s on Flickr too? Click. Check his favourites, click, oh, I know him, click, where’s his profile, click, he’s got a blog too? Click. And suddenly I’m somewhere I’ve never been before, and I can’t quite remember exactly how I got there. For me, browsing is teleportation. On a relatively organised day, my teleportation shelf is, and on hectic days, there’s always the browser history, isn’t there?

Every now and then, I’ll dust off my shelf, and share a few teleportation destinations here. Enough blah blah blah, check these out.

100%E2R, an extremely lucid argument for more readable typography on the web. From one of those “why didn’t I know about this sooner?” blogs, Information Architects. This article inspired me to relaunch soon.


For about 5 minutes a couple weeks ago, I thought I had the next big web 2.0 idea. After digging around in plenty of web 2.0 sites, it occured to me, “why the hell isn’t there a good book site anywhere?” Thankfully I found LibraryThing before quitting my job to found a startup. There’s no question, it could be prettier and the interface needs work, but there’s nowhere with more books, members or discussion.

Brand New
If you’re a designer, you’re acquainted with those huge, thick, extremely heavy hardbound books showing off corporate design. You know, the ones you flip through when you’re not getting anywhere designing a logo? Save the shelf space: Brand New is a blog featuring “opinions on corporate and brand identity work” and is rapidly growing into an excellent resource for reference and analysis.