The Argument for Analogue

As someone who works in a web agency, makes thousands of digital photos every year, listens to MP3s every day and writes on this here blog, I sometimes forget what a stupidly simple and sensible storage medium analogue is.

I needed a serial number for Photoshop the other day. I asked our office manager if she could give me my serial number. “It’s not in the list,” she said.
“What list?”
“Here in Excel, we have all of the software with serial numbers for inventory, but not whose computer they’re installed on.”
“Um, could you open the cupboard for me?”

She was surprised to see that each box had a name written on it in big black magic marker, indicating where it was installed. Things like this make me think I should start keeping all of my telephone numbers and email addresses scribbled on dead trees, just so I always know where they are. Like back in the 80’s.