Get Outta Here!

The dream seems to have become a trend, at least among the people I know. Save some money, quit your job, and take a prolonged tour of the world. First, Poppi & Sören, two ex-colleagues took off for three months in India, Australia and Japan. Now Özgür, an ex-freelance colleague, is off to South Africa, Australia and all over Asia, also for three months. I cannot tell a lie: I’m jealous. Good luck fellas!

This reminds me of site which I can no longer find, called “Emergency Exit” if I remember correctly. A couple who ran a web agency into the ground through the boom and into the bubble bursting aftermath, closed shop, took off with some good mobile gear, and blogged, took photos and made videos all over the place. Great user-generated content (it’s king you know) even before the web had a version number. The site was very orange. Anyone know if it’s still hiding online somewhere?