Shame? Um, no.

What’s the use of having a blog if you don’t use it to shamelessly promote yourself and leverage your audience to increase your fame and fortune?

I’ve submitted 2 photos to JPG magazine. If you’re interested in photography and don’t know about JPG, you should. Even if you’re only interested in the internet, you should know about the only magazine (I know of) to combine the best of Web 2.0 and print in one project.

Anyway, back to my photos. If one of them gets printed I get $100, a subscription, and maybe a lensbaby. Why am I telling you this? Well, in the grand old tradition of Web 2.0, whether or not a photo gets printed depends at least partially on how many votes it gets from the digital masses. That’s where you come in. Go check out this photo and the other photo too, and if you like them, click the big green button. That’s it. I’ll be eternally thankful, especially if I get published. And if you vote and leave a comment here to let me know, I’ll even thank you personally.

Damn, what could be Web 2.0ier than using your blog to send people to vote on the photo you uploaded somewhere else?


  1. Mike says:

    Nice entries, the “Faraway Laundry” doesn’t quite fit the catagory, but it’s an awesome b&w photo. The other one looks great, well done.

    So why am I here? A little shameless self promotion of my own. Haha, check out my photography blog with tips, original ideas, and all that jazz. Capturing Your World

    Oh, and nice site design. Nice.

    Capturing Your World

  2. Mb. says:

    “Faraway Laundry” stretches the theme a little, true. But the idea and feeling makes sense for me. The view of daily life in faraway places always rmeinds me I’m not at home. I’ve hung laundry like this, but never in front of a wall as old as this, and never way up in the mountains, far removed from everything.

    Anyway, thanks for voting! And thanks for the link. Looks like there are plenty of good tips there.