Speaking of Theft…

We all know the internet makes it easier than ever to steal text, photos, and just about anything else that fits in that catch-all of web jargon, “content”. Well, if you’re thinking about stealing anything, consider also how easy the net makes it to expose you as the talentless thief that you are.

The story summarised: a guy claiming to be a pro photograpger, Kevin Carazzo, gathered up a bunch of photos from Flickr photographers and used them on his site to promote himself. The Flickr photographers in question were of course outraged, and wrote lots of unpleasant things about him.

One of them in particular, Kris Krug, wrote enough and generated enough interest to get his complaint up to #3 on a Google search for “Kevin Carazzo“, which essentially destroyed the online image Kevin had stolen so many images to build up. And Kevin removed Kris’ images from his site, too. Score for the internet.

You’d think the story would be over, but… against all laws of logic and common sense, Kevin (the thief) had his lawyer send Kris a letter demanding he remove the defamatory page. Kris stuck to his guns, the story got dugg, and since then Kevin’s Flickr account and his own site have disappeared without a trace.

See kids, crime don’t pay.