Seven Years Ago

Today Cameron Moll asked an interesting question. “What were you doing seven years ago?” No idea why seven and not ten or five or some nice round number, but it’s rare that I take a moment to think back like this, so I’ll play along.

Seven years ago I was:

  • Just married
  • Beginning to learn to speak German
  • Going to be moving back to Australia “next year”
  • Blogging at (long since dead)
  • The web department of a small ad agency
  • Happily working every day on a Mac
  • Designing and hand-coding (completely ignorant of standards) Barclaycard and Wolkenstürmer (both relaunched since then)
  • Wondering if I’d have a mid-life crisis when I turned 30

What were you up to seven years ago?


  1. astrey says:

    decide to leave cologne

    decide to go back to the north

    stopped jogging 70 km a week

    decide to stop drinking and smoking all weekend

    decide to be a better man

    i was in the middle of this bullshit new economy thing catastrophy

    i had no belly

    there i started my midlife crisis still running

    i made a lot of bad designs

  2. popee says:

    .crossing the planet to study in sydney
    .head full of ideals
    .enjoying an offline world
    .using my hands to shape clay
    .missing german beer
    .dishwashing to become a millionaire
    .life with only a landline phone (and that shared with four)
    .skating on my longboard
    .planning a lifelong life downunder
    .experiencing the most monstrous hail storm in the world

  3. Seven years ago eh…

    OK,I was an untenured assistant professor in Corner Brook, Newfoundland, Canada.

    I had one kid not two..

    We had an almost paid for VW Jetta.

    We were living in a house by the sea with an incredible view.

    I weighed 20 kg more than I do now.

    I however had more hair than I do now.

    I looked at the stars every night with a telescope.

    I sold hockey cards on ebay.