Pushing My Envelope

leaf.jpgAt the moment I’m in Seattle working on a project with Microsoft. Nothing against you Seattlites (Satellites? Seattle-Siders?) but once I got here I had absolute zero interest in seeing another city during my free weekend. Instead I put a roast beef sandwich, a liter of water and my camera in a bag and headed for the mountains.

Although I’m an avid nature fan, I’m the last person anyone would describe as a sport-freak. The word “fit” is seldom used in a sentence with my name in it. So I’m still a little surprised at, and more than a little proud of myself that I hiked 16 miles and ascended over 3,900 feet (around 24 km and 1,200 meters) up the north east side of Mount Rainier and witnessed one of the most breath-taking views of my life.

There are, of course, pictures.