I’m Matt Balara, a  UX designer living in Berlin Germany. I’ve helped teams develop digital products for over 20 years, with worldwide clients as large as ECCO, TUI and Cochlear, and as small as startups and artists.

I’m most useful when engaged in the entire design process: from defining and understanding the problem, through interface design, prototype development, visual design, usability testing, guidance of technical development, and testing and improvement after product launch.

If you’re looking for a UX designer with a strong sense of usability and visual design, email me or call +49 1577 1522 667.

“Matt’s strengths are plentiful. He has a phenomenal ability to grasp a user experience problem and produce an outcome that is not only elegant but exemplifies user centric design at its highest level.”
– Victor Rodrigues, Chief Software Architect, Cochlear

I excel at sketching as a tool for thinking, high-speed iterative wireframing and visual design, guiding a group to understand and solve problems together and making design process and results understandable through presentation.

I’ve also taught sketching workshops for corporate UX teams, and spoken on UX design at numerous conferences.

Matt is extremely creative, passionate, with enough sense to create visually stunning but practical experiences – great online apps, not just great online art. Matt’s also a great leader and his diverse background and experience make him valuable and also fun to work with.
– Jaime Rodriguez, Microsoft Technology Evangelist

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