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What’s Design Mean to You? Interview with Vinay Venkatraman

The fourth interview is with Vinay Venkatraman, senior interaction designer & project manager at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design. I quite liked his view on analysis vs. synthesis and the role it plays in design: Design is one of the professions that bridges the analytical way of doing things with the synthetical way of […]

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What’s Design Mean to You? Interview with Julian Bleecker

The third in this series is Julian Bleecker, a member of Nokia’s Design Strategic Projects Studio and co-founder with Nicolas Nova of the Near Future Laboratory. My favourite quote, answering the question, “What is design?” It’s close to being able to create things for people … understanding people as social entities, not just as masses […]

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What’s “Design” Mean to You?

Leisa Reichelt calls herself a designer. Stowe Boyd calls himself a designer, too. Ryan Singer says he’s also a designer. Zeldman talks about design all the time. I don’t mean to suggest for even a second that Leisa, Stowe, Ryan and Jeffrey aren’t designers. They’re just four people who, although they all work in the […]

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