I’m Matt Balara, a freelance UX designer working remotely on projects worldwide, with 20 years experience with clients as large as ECCO, TUI and Cochlear, and as small as startups and artists. I’m available right now.

I’m also am an American/Australian dual citizen, live in southern Germany, speak fluent German, meditate daily, have travelled to 43 countries so far, and take far too many photos.

User Experience Design

User experience or UX design is a process for understanding the users of any product to create something for them that is easy and enjoyable to use and therefore popular and profitable, satisfying the needs of both users and business.

My work primarily involves software – web sites, desktop applications and mobile apps. I’m most useful when engaged in the entire design process: from defining and understanding the problem, through interface design, prototype development, visual design, usability testing, guidance of technical development, and testing and improvement after product launch.

“Matt’s strengths are plentiful. He has a phenomenal ability to grasp a user experience problem and produce an outcome that is not only elegant but exemplifies user centric design at its highest level.”
– Victor Rodrigues, Chief Software Architect, Cochlear

I kick the most ass in sketching as a tool for thinking, high-speed iterative wireframing and visual design, guiding a group to understand and solve problems together and making design process and results understandable through presentation.

I’ve also taught sketching workshops for corporate UX teams, and spoken on UX design at numerous conferences.

Remote Work Works

In an attempt to balance living in a beautiful rural area and paying the rent, I primarily work remotely. Using tools like Skype, Trello, Email and the good old telephone, my clients and I discuss, argue and share thoughts, sketches, screen designs and feedback to make rapid progress on our projects. It’s a work style that requires a bit more trust and flexibility than usual, but the advantages are many: I charge less than my big city colleagues, neither of us wastes time in long, boring meetings, and depending on your time zone, you may enjoy the “magic elves” effect: you go to bed, and wake up with the work done for you.

Don’t get the wrong idea: I’m not allergic to travel, and am always available to meet you wherever you are when needed. I just know from experience that I don’t need to be there every day to do top quality work.


If you want your product to be something users remember with a smile, I’d be interested in helping you out. Get in touch, either by email, or on Twitter or LinkedIn, and let’s see what we can do together.

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